The good folks at Gilpin’s Extra Dry Gin have given me a pair of Ginstock tickets (Sat 15 Sep) to give away.

For a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell me briefly in the comments box your first gin experience. How did you fall for the juniper nectar?

And be sure to try Gilpin’s signature gin & tonic with lemon and sage leaf:


7 thoughts on “Win Ginstock tickets

  1. Was 15 years old sitting on a park bench waiting for my mate (who looked about 30) to pick up a bottle of Voddy. The plank only went and bought a bottle of gin!!!!!!! Anyway it was delicious and I’ve been hooked ever since. . .#MothersRuin

  2. Watching my Nan in 70’s nautical chic relish in mixing up the perfect gin martini for my Grandad whilst he sat in his olive leather chair wearing a paisley cravat and corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches, thoughts deep in the crossword. True Love that and appreciation of gin, which should be savoured!

  3. Snaffling away half a bottle of Gordon’s from ma and pa’s drinks cabinet at about 16and threequarters(1989),rough as feck the next morning but the allure of a very well put together g+t, and I mean well put together,has stayed with me, there is no finer aperitif/ long/short drink come cocktail known to man.

  4. I recall it distinctly; the night was thick with intrigue and exhaust fumes from the traffic of the nearby dual-carriageway.

    As I sat entirely alone (as is my custom) an old man approached, hobbling slightly. He brushed past a National Trust sign with a grunt and finally came upon my bench.

    “have you tried this before?” he rasped.
    “What is it?” replied I, laughing and not knowing why.
    “Why it’s gin my lad!”

    He thrust the glass bottle in my hand with a zeal I can only describe as ‘mild.’

    As I felt the warm tang against my tongue I knew I was immersed in the world of gin as I was once in ‘Demon Slayer’ – a fantasy RPG in the late nineties that ultimately cost me my job and my bike.

  5. I was late to sup from the juniper cup. Our college at university in Oz had an exclusive invitation only club. They met on the first Thursday of August for an annual event. Dressed to the nines in Cords, Turtleneck Jumpers and slicked down hair the Skiv Club had 1 rule besides the dress code:
    1 Bottle of Gin + 1 Bottle of mixer per Skiv to be consumed in under an hour.
    It was a messy affair that mentally scared me. It was several years after until I was able to actually pour my dear mother her nightly G+T without retching, or battling the compulsion to ration the tonic. (You didn’t want to end the hour with pure, cheap mothers ruin)

    But now I’m a convict convert and a hot day will see me reaching for the Hendricks & Fever Tree faster than a pint and a tot of Sloe Gin will warm the heart just as fast as a pint of Black.

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