Yummy Choo, AKA Selina Periampillai, is well known for her exquisite cakes and Mauritian supper clubs. Used to hosting intimate dinners alongside her mother from her Croydon home, Selina is upping the ante this Christmas with a tropical Christmas feast for 90. Those who have previously attended a Yummy Choo event will need no arm-twisting, but those who haven’t urged to head to Ben’s Canteen on December 19 for a wonderful night of Mauritian soul food from one of the leading lights of this little-known cuisine. Tickets are available for £30 per head, which includes three courses and  lots of extras. Reserve your space for the 7pm and 9pm sittings today.

Selina's supper clubs are always a hit © Mondomulia

Selina’s supper clubs are always a hit © Mondomulia

Yummy Choo’s Tropical Christmas pop-up at Ben’s Canteen hopes to retain the look and feel of one of its supper clubs, meaning large-sharing plates, easy-drinking cocktails and intimate lighting. It’s perfect for groups of friends wishing to have a special festive catch-up and for those looking to meet new people and socialise with fellow foodies.

First up is a spirit-lifting rum punch — come in from the cold, you! — and a quick mingle at the bar. Once seated, guests are served a trio of street food inspired Mauritian morsels known as ‘gajacks’. The main course follows, which is a spiced goat curry, fish vindaye (a welcome corruption of its ancestor, the vindaloo, made with pickled white fish, mustard, chilli and onions) and sweet pumpkin fricasse.

All your major food groups in there! © Mondomulia

All your major food groups there! © Mondomulia

Those with room for dessert will be treated to pain perdu (French toast) with caramelised rum bananas and coconut ice cream (my all-time favourite flavour). After which, a hot toddy toast will be called to celebrate a night well spent with food, friends and perhaps a bit more of that Mauritian rum… *hiccup*. I hope to see you there!

That menu in full:

Festive Rum Punch
Trio of Gajacks (Mauritian street food)
Split pea gateaux piment, aubergine bringele, chicken poppers with chutneys & tropical slaw
Goat Curry, Fish Vindaye Skewers, Pumpkin Fricasse, with Rice & Farata
Mauritian spiced goat curry, pickled mustard fish with chilli & onion, sweet pumpkin
Pain Perdu, Rum Banane, Coconut Ice Cream
French toast, caramelised rum bananas & coconut ice cream
Tropical Hot Toddy

Visit Yummy Choo’s blog.


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