The guns are out this weekend as the Cornish Grill boys show up across town, flexing their mussels and strutting their stuff. It’s their first outing since last summer’s hugely popular Scallop Sunday and their appetite for fresh, sustainable produce can only rivaled by their raging testosterone levels.

Matt Chatfield (Kernow’s own Ryan Gosling) and a team of kitchen-bound heartthrobs, which includes Michelin trained chef Jim Thomlinson (swoon), have teamed with Sharp’s brewery for a mollusc led weekend of culinary debauchery.

Kicking off at Street Feast this Friday, the team will be serving four original mussel dishes, each one thoughtfully paired with a delicious Sharp’s beer. This one night stand in a Hackney merchant’s yard (we’ve all been there) is followed by a three day love-in at Notting Hill’s The Clarendon pub. Complete with sand, surfboards and hopefully a sun drenched terrace, this is one for honeys and hotties alike.

In addition to the knee-weakingly good sea food on offer, there will be an old school oil drum barbecue cooking gorgeous underblade fillet steaks and sausage buns from award-winning Cornish butchers Philip Warren.

Mussel Beach is shaping up to be the first smash hit pop-up of the summer. Whatever you do, don’t get attached…


Small £6 (with beer £9.50)
Large £11 (with beer £14.50)

French‘ paired with Sharp’s Special (5.0%)
white wine, garlic & parsley
Sicilian‘ paired with Chalky’s Bite (6.8%)
fennel, preserved lemon & saffron
Spanish‘ paired with Cornish Pilsner (5.2%)
chorizo, piquillo pepper & tomato
Thai‘ paired with Chalky’s Bark (4.5%)
coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime

Mussel Beach will be appearing at Street Feast from 5pm on Friday 3 May and at The Clarendon 4-6 May 12pm until late. Free beer for those who show up in Primark beachwear!

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