Independence Day 2012 at Ben's Canteen

Upcoming Noshable events:

  • Broscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles (Date TBC)
  • Ben’s Canteen Noshable Takeover (April)
  • Independence Day 2013 (Thursday, 4 July)

Your comments:

“Wicked food is just 10% of what Adam does. At the end of the day he puts on a f***ing party.” Carl Clarke, Disco Bistro EC4

“Pulled pork corn dogs, sweet potato tater tots and ice cream floats – just like grandma used to make. Noshable’s American feast is our top pick for Independence Day.” London Evening Standard

“Possibly the best chicken wings ever.” Paul Lomax, food blogger

“Adam served some seriously good hot wings… Thankfully, an antidote in the form of a Mini Milk was on offer, which just about nullified the pins and needles in my mouth!” Owen Bain, Fd Over LDN


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